Hard seltzer
just got better.

Hard seltzer just got

Mind-blowing goodness.

plant based
gluten free

Berry Blast

A massive blast of berry
in each and every sip

Pairs with

Last calls, change of plans, and the thrill of embracing the unexpected.

lime drop

An explosion of citrus
that goes down smooth

Pairs with

Sun drenched docks, lively patios, convos about which Wes Anderson movie is best.

peach smash

Detonate your tastebuds
with a blast of peach

Pairs with

Beach volleyball, extra long weekends, and (un) forgettable summer nights.

"The flavors are unreal, it tastes just like a seltzer would only smoother and more explosive."

Dan, Vancouver

"Tastes like a smoother, fruitier Whiteclaw"

Emily, Vancouver

"My new go-to patio drink."

billie, Vancouver

12 cans

Party pack

All three flavours of our spiked sparkling water, ready to deploy at the nearest beach.

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